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Skogman Corporate Relocations

Skogman Corporate Relocations

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Skogman Realty
411 1st Avenue East
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
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We provide professional relocation services to corporations located in the Cedar Rapids, Corridor & Iowa City area. For employees moving here, our services start as early as the recruiting process where we get to know the prospective employee and his or her family from the outset. We tailor our services to the needs of the family helping them get connected with various professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, and financial experts. Even more important, their children’s needs are identified as a priority and we make sure we introduce them to the right educational institutions, sports associations, and social clubs. We also introduce them to other members of the community who have common interests in order to accelerate their integration into their new community. We also work with them to solve their real estate needs including any temporary housing that they may need before they make a permanent decision.


Nick Conrey

  • Mobile/Text: 319-826-4458
  • Email: nickconrey@skogman.com

Jill Hartke

  • Mobile/Text: 319-310-8101
  • Office: 319-366-6427
  • Fax: 319-368-6433
  • Email: jill@skogman.com

Brad Oppedahl

  • Mobile/Text: 319-360-2181
  • Email: brado@skogman.com

Don Sturgeon

  • Mobile/Text: 319-360-3644
  • Office: 319-366-6427 EXt. 181
  • Email: donsturgeon@skogman.com

Mirela Taylor, CRS, CREN, RFC

  • Mobile/Text: 319-310-4422
  • Email: mirelataylor@mchsi.com

Barbara Vancura

  • Mobile/Text: 319-350-8840
  • Email: bvancura@skogman.com

Rocky Visser

  • Mobile/Text: 319-560-3182
  • Email: rocky@skogman.com
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