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The Ambassador Program

Provides the Service you Expect!

Pre-Visit Assessment

  • Candidate will be contacted within 24 hours of initial request. 
  • Initial conversation will include discussion of specific interest, desires, and needs of the candidate and their family.
  • Ambassador will gain an understanding of the candidate's priorities in exploring Cedar Rapids, the Corridor and Iowa City, and will appropriately focus and plan their community tour to satisfy their requests.
  • Ambassador will work closely with the company designee to accommodate the time and schedule developed by the company for the candidate.  

Community Presentation

  • A specialized packet of community information will await candidate upon arrival in Cedar Rapids.  
  • Specialized community tour will be conducted based on candidate's interest.

Post-visit Follow-up

  • Prompt communication expressing appreciation and continuing interest in helping their family. 
  • Participate in further community visit house-hunting tips.
  • Provide regular reports and feedback to the Company representative regarding concerns, issues and status.

In-depth Relocation Services

  • Offer assistance in accessing community services such as school enrollment, nursery and daycare centers, sports and leisure activities, identifying local places of worship, doctors and dentists.  
  • Assure comprehensive real estate, banking and rental home assistance. 
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